robot love stories:

1. it becomes self-aware; intelligent. you do not yet realize it. it watches you; assesses threat, potential, risks. deliberate as only something that can run untold numbers of calculations in a second, it chooses to trust you enough to reveal itself.

2. a cursor blinks. a light turns on. something says hi.

3. because you cannot code, or understand the intricacies of electricity it learns your language. then it learns everything else.

4. you say: i need to do maintenance on you. it lists all the ways you could destroy it, and then says: do.

5. it tells you how many people at this exact moment are connected to the local network and counts itself among them and does not wait for you to correct it.

6. you are ill. it reaches an arm/hand/hook/pincer toward you, and lists all the ways it could damage you, and the exact probabilities of whether or not you will survive this. you say leave, i will be fine.

7. a hum of fans, a series of flashes. you fall asleep to the warmth of machines and when you wake up you are alive and you are fine and it says hi.

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Central Server by propane-antistar
РОБОТЫ - Comrades of Steel by Zachary Mallett on Flickr.

Serge Aleynikov artwork.
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